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Below is a "template" for minutes of a nonprofit board of directors meeting.  This is a sample that you can use in creating minutes of your own.  Minutes do NOT have to be a running record of everything that was said at the meeting. In fact, sometimes "less is more".  Minutes should, for the most part, be limited ONLY to recording actions taken on motions (whether or not they were  seconded or adopted). The only names that should be shown are people who abstained or voted against a motion. 
(Insert Name of Corporation)
Meeting of Board of Directors
Date : ______________

A quorum of the directors being in attendance, the meeting was called to order.

President's Report.

The President gave a summary of the corporation's activities since the time of the previous meeting of the board of directors. This was followed by a general discussion of the affairs of the corporation.

Financial Report

The Treasurer, assisted by the Corporation's staff financial officer, gave a overview of the of the Corporation's position.

Adoption of Minutes

Upon a properly made and seconded Motion it was unanimously RESOLVED to adopt the minutes of the board of directors meeting held on January 1, 2004..

Granting authority to Enter Into Contract

It has come to the board's attention that the Kellogg Foundation has accepted the this Corporation's recent funding proposal and now wishes to enter into a contract and the board wishes to authorize its officers to execute such relevant contract, for this reason,

Upon an properly made and seconded Motion, and upon a majority vote, it was RESOLVED that the President of this Corporation is authorized and directed to execute a contract with the Kellogg Foundation for grant funds. Sally Smith abstained from the vote on this Motion. Clark Kent vote against it.


Upon a property made and seconded Motion, it was unanimously resolved to adjourn the meeting.

Certification of Secretary

I hereby certify that these are a true and correct copy of the "minutes" that were adopted by the board of directors of this Corporation on __________, 200__.




Date of Meeting __________

Sally Jones ______________________________________

Enrique Rodriguez _____________________________________

Jean-Claude Pierre _____________________________________

Sally Hemmings _____________________________________

Thomas Jefferson _____________________________________