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Scattered Site and
Multi Family Rehabilitation

For families who are unable to immediately qualify for home ownership, LHHA provides affordable rental housing by way of rehabilitating and/or constructing multi-family rental properties. Most residents in Little Haiti pay up to 70% of their income on rental housing. By reducing housing expenses, families will have an opportunity to allocatesavings that can be used towards the eventual purchase of a home.

The neighborhood of Little Haiti is low-density, but is without undeveloped areas. Most homes are single-family and were built in the 1940s. There are very little opportunities to do new construction for multi-family developments. This initiative has a two-pronged approach:

 Purchase and rehabilitation of larger apartment complexes.
 Implement a new pilot program for the development of duplexes and quadroplexes.

LHHA's current multi-family rental projects are as follows: