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Overtown Civic Partnership & Design Center

Overtown's CDCs
St John CDC, BAME, St. Agnes Rainbow Village, & the Back Archives

What is
The Overtown Collaborative?
It is a joint effort of three community based development corporations and the Black Archives, working in close partnership with LISC, the Collins Center, the Knight Foundation, the Trust for Public Land, and others, to achieve a transformation of Miami's historic Overtown community. The Collaborative has set the following GOALS:
  • To plan, create and sustain a healthy mixed-income, multi-ethnic community and a mixed-use neighborhood with adequate public spaces and parklands;
  • To use private, public and community capital to build housing and physical development, create jobs and economic development and contribute to the social and human development of area residents;
  • To affirm and build upon the historic and cultural heritage of Overtown
  • To assure the maximum possible benefits to the existing residents and businesses from a revitalized Overtown; and
  • To undertake this neighborhood transformation effort with the significant collaboration and participation of all Overtown stakeholders and through a broad program of community participation, community organizing and community-building.
The Collaborative's Partners: