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Vision and Mission: Our mission is to expand the capacity of community development practitioners to develop affordable housing and economic opportunities for Miami-Dade County's low and moderate-income families and neighborhoods.

Who We Are: Nonprofit developers and their allies working to reverse the downward spiral of social and economic conditions in the lowest income neighborhoods.

Long-term Goals
  • Build a strong nonprofit developers network
  • Facilitate support for housing and community development
  • Promote capacity-building in low income neighborhoods
  • Educate about the contributions of nonprofit developers
  • Maintain information resources on community development
  • Promote certification standards for nonprofit developers.
  • Monitors the flow of public funds
  • Support neighborhood drill down market analysis.
  • Facilitate creation of new capital funds for community development

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Despite denial by many, society is built on a race construct. There is no quick fix. Part of the answer is to recognize it and say it

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Poverty and inequality mean wasted human resources and depleted social capital. Inequality is as much an issue for business as it is for community activists.

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News Clippings
2/9/11: NANAY Gets Funding for Housing Counseling

12/19/10: Opa-locka CDC is transforming the the notorious "Triangle" neighborhood into a livable Magnolia North.

10/28/10 - St John CDC uses NSP funds to revitalize Overtown

6/11/10: Overtown Town Park Village update

6/8/10: Overtown's Town Park Village in crisis

12/13/09: Troubled Metro-Miami Action Plan restructured and renamed

7/26/09:  Opa-locka CDC to acquire bank foreclosed homes with ATT grant and Miami Heat

7/26/09: Overtown CRA expands its boundaries.

6/17/09:  Update on federal Neighborhood Stabilization program in South Florida

6/4/09: Gov. Crisp signs  controversial overhaul of Growth Management Act.

3/13/09: Overtown CRA boundaries to be expanded/a>

3/2/09: IRS expands tax credit for first time homebuyers (buyers get cash now and not a year later)

3/2/09:  North Miami affordable housing private developer gets bailout from City.

3/2/08:  Affordable mobile home parks close in South Florida at alarming rate

1/19/09: Miami Beach CDC and Carrfour get CITI grants for affordable rental projects.

1/15/09:  Poor take a big hit in state's raid of 'trust funds'

12/12/08: Rafael Hernandez Housing and Economic Development Corporation:
Building Homes, Building Lives In Little Haiti

11/27/08: Blistering Audit of MMAP

11/14/08: Federal funds for South Florida to buy up foreclosed properties

10/17/08: Recommendations to Miami-Dade for use fo the new federal Neghborhood Stabilzation Grants

9/30/08: North Miami CRA expands foreclosure assistance

9/27/08: South Florida to get $108 million in foreclosure funds

7/20/08 - New State law affects property tax appraisals (possible lower tax bills for houses with affordability deed restrictions)

7/5/08: Beacon Council battles MMAP before County Commission

6/23/08:  Update of Villa Godoy condominium in East Little  Havana

6/11/08:  New affordable housing in Little Haiti

4/25/08: State legislature poised to extend Miami-Dade "Surtax" subsidy program.

3/29/08: Article about community land trusts in Broward  and Palm Beach

3/19/08: local nonprofits compete for new source of affordable housing subsidy.

3/19/08:  Biscayne Group and Carlise partner for Village Allapattah (innovative rental with option for ownership).

2/13/08.  City of North Miami to directly own and operate affordable rental units.

1/24/08: Greater Miami Neighborhoods files for bankruptcy

1/14/08: Greater Miami Neighborhoods update

1/6/08: "We Buy Ugly Homes" a community development tool??

1/5/08: Maria Barcus starts new firm that will preserve "expiring" Section 8 apartments using tax credits

12/27/07: North Miami Housing Partnership makes first loans

12/19/07: Miami-Dade may not rebuild all of Scott Homes under troubled HOPE VI program

12/09/07: Miami Commissioner recomends using Miami Beach CDC model for acquiring surplus condo units

11/29/07: County to Set up Land Trust

11/17/07:  Liberty City Revitalization Trust promises new rental units.

10/15/07: Wynwood Foreign Trade Zone update

9/13/07:  County proposes cuts to "Mom and Pop" grant program to small minoirty owned businesses.

8/31/07: Census reports City of  Miami in top 5 in rate of poverty

8/28/07:  Miami Beach Manager clears misconception about large affordable housing rehabilitation project of Miami Beach CDC

8/28/07:  Wynwood Foreign Trade Zone emerges from bankruptcy, Many new jobs to be created.

8/21/07:  Tom Zuniga and Workforce Housing

7/20/07: Black middle class leaving Miami Dade

7/7/07:  City of Miami replaces housing director because of newspaper articles

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Core Coalition Services
Policy Advocacy:  The Coalition seeks to create a more supportive environment for community-based development in South Florida through policy development and advocacy with local government.

Forum: The Coalition provides a forum for CDCs to develop policies and positions, share experiences, and develop a unified voice for the industry.

Information Resource: "E-Mail Dispatch" is regularly distributed to hundreds of people and organizations, providing information on policy changes, available funding, resources, and training opportunities.

Web Site: provides a comprehensive gateway to community economic development on the internet with news, research links, policy papers, CDC member websites and much more.

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Response to Miami Herald Article

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Jump Starting Redevelopment
Nonprofit developers are undertaking the toughest deals reaching the lowest income families. The neighborhoods that nonprofits are working in are where for profit developers will not go without incentives. Basic issues of financial feasibility prevent the private sector from taking on ventures in these low income neighborhoods. Barriers include: low appraised values, high costs of development, high costs of land, expensive "brownfield" cleanup, expensive lien clearance, high relocation expenses, the difficulty of dealing with the patchwork pattern of real estate ownership, and the necessity of having to redevelop the typically decrepit infrastructure (sewers, water, etc.). On top of all that, local government inadvertently imposes additional costs by its unnecessarily cumbersome construction approval process. For-profit developers don't go into these neighborhoods unless they are in partnership with a nonprofit because nonprofit developers can provide them with the necessary incentives. Nonprofit sponsored ventures, therefore, erve to create a "jump start" affect. After a while the appraised values of neighborhood properties begin to drift upwards and the normal market forces are once again allowed to work.
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