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Converting an Ordinary Nonprofit into a
Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO)
(for partnerships with local government in the use of federal "HOME" dollars)

  • CHDOs are ordinary nonprofit corporations that happen to have a certain board structure and an affordable housing purpose (as specifed and described in the federal regulations).
  • Local governments must set aside 15% of their federal HOME dollars for projects sponsored by CHDOs
  • Local governments have greater flexibility in spending their federal community housing  dollars (primarily HOME) when they do business with a CHDO. For example, local governments can allow CHDO's to use HOME funds to pay for administrative expenses)

Convert your Nonprofit to a "CHDO"

CLICK HERE for information on the specific amendments that you will need to make to your Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Included are sample wordprocessing documents that you can download to make the amendment process easy! Filing instructions are included

CLICK HERE for HUD's CHDO resource Page

CLICK HERE for HUD's HOME program page

CLICK HERE for a background article on HOME and CHDO

CLICK HERE to see the regulations governing CHDOS