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NonProfit Resource Center

Click Here for:
-Florida nonprofit corporation (creation docs)
-Florida for-profit corporation
(creation docs)
-Sample Bylaws
-Sample Minutes
Limited Liability Companies ("single member")
Articles of Amendment (adding 501c3 language)

Legal Forms:
Transactional legal forms for housing developers
- Community Land Trust Legal Forms

Purchasing Real Estate
-Checklist for Real Estate Purchases
-Title Insurance and Deeds "for Dummies"
-Purchase Contracts (two forms)

Self Help Guides
-Self Help Guide to Property Tax Exemption
Self-Help "Legal Audit" (to do an organizational self-assessment)

Tax Exempt Status
- Self Help Guide to obtaining 501(c)(3) Status
- "Group" Exemptions - a how-to guide from the IRS
- 24 Common Questions About 501(c)(3) status
- IRS Guide to good governance of exempt nonprofit corporations
-"Unrelated Trade or Business" - a short overview
-"Unrelated Trade or Business" - the IRS's Manual
- Lobbying and Political Activity 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Status
- IRS "Fact Sheet" on Political Activity by exempt organizations
- IRS Revenue Ruling - "Safe Harbor for developing market rate housing
- Article about the IRS "Safe Harbor"
for market rate housing
- Incentive Compentation - is it "private inurement"?

Articles on Nonprofit Topics
-Disclosure requirements for non-profits
-Avoiding Liability as a Board Member
-Fiduciary Duties of Board Members
-Keeping a credible minute book
-Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Policy Manuals
-Sample Personnel Policy Manual
-Sample Procurement Policy Manual
-Sample Accounting Policy Manual
-Sample Policy for Sexual Harrassment
-Sample Conflicts of Interest Policy (IRS approved)

Housing Development
-Using a Sales Tax Exemption to Lower Construction Costs
-What is a "Certificate of Use and Occupancy"?
-Limited Liability Companies ("LLCs")
-Putting Together a Housing Development Team
-Ways to re-capture Subsidy in Affordable Housing
-Construction Liens and Bonds (the nuts and bolts)
-Low Income Housing Tax Credits
-How to use the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA)
-The federal HOME Program and how to become a "CHDO"
-Issues with Nonprofits making Home Repair Loans

Business Planning
-Commercial Revialization - An Implementation Outline
-Business Plan Outline
-Business Planning Spreadsheets ("zip" file)
-Business Purchase Checklist

Tax Issues
-Taxation of LLCs
-IRS Tax Guide for Small Businesses ("pdf" file)
-Get federal "Employer Identification Number" over the internet
-Businesses with Employees - Paying Yourself

Condominium Development
- Florida Condominium Act
- Rules and Statutes dealing specifically with conversions ("pdf" file)
- Reserve requirements for conversion of existing rental units

Personnel Issues
- "Independent Contractor" vs. "Employee" (avoiding IRS penalties)
 - Human Resources: Reasonable Compensation Reviews
- Guide to Fair Labor Standards Act (a/k/a minimum wage law)