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Goulds Transit Oriented Development Initiative
Capitalizing on the South Dade Busway

The goal of the Initiative is to coordinate the location of homes, businesses, shops, and parks with the Busway so people will be able to walk to the bus, park their cars conveniently, and wait comfortably and safely for the bus. And, while they are walking to the bus, they can patronize businesses along the way: coffee shops, newsstands, daycare centers, drycleane r s , a n d m a n y o t h e r s . Neighborhood services like these will also be close to restaurants, hotels, and attractions that serve visitors and tourists. By concentrating new development near the bus stops and along U.S. 1 homes, jobs, and services will be close together. This will permit residents to choose whether they will walk, ride bicycles, or drive. When several adjacent developments are planned at the same time, everything a community needs can be coordinated: homes, streets, sidewalks, parking, parks, businesses, shops, and other uses.

Click here for the South Dade Busway Study (FAU/FIU Joint Center)

The Goulds
Mini-Urban Center

The Goulds Mini-urban center will be a place where higher intensity development will be encouraged, and where people can use the bus, walk, bicycle, or drive. A bus stop on the South Dade Busway will be the central feature ofthe urban center and will be surrounded by a mix of shops, businesses, residences, open space, and civic uses.

The urban center will be about one-quarter mile in radius, measured from the bus stop. The precise boundaries and land uses are being chosen by the community during the planning process.

Land Acquisition for the Mini Urban Center is Underway