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Nonprofit Community Resources Alert! 

January 18, 2005

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Upcoming at C-One     C-One Orientation to Resources for Nonprofit Directors & Managers, C-One Fundraising Resources, Salary Survey Resources, Board Development Resources, "Finding Funding on the Internet", and "C-One Presents Fundraising the Smart Way" at regional library locations.

  Grants, Fundraising, In-kind, etc.   19 announcements 

  Nonprofit Management Resources   12 community resources for advocacy, facility management, financial management, fund development, HR, information systems, and more

  Nonprofit Job Announcements   31 nonprofit job announcements

  Other Community Events and Resources   Awards Conferences Events N ominations Resources Training Volunteer opportunities Websites

  Other e-newsletters and sources of info for nonprofits 15 sources

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"C-One covers a good range of issues and resources for nonprofits.

I look forward to receiving the Alert! every month."

Reyna Grubair, President/Director of the Honduras Foundation of USA, commenting on

C-One's services in a recent evaluation survey conducted for C-One's clients.