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Workshop Announcements (2)

Demographic analysis and GIS mapping workshops are now available in Florida. Workshops will be offered in the following cities: Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee and Miami.

First Workshop (1 day):
Demographic Analysis Using the 2000 U.S. Census - Focus on Florida

Orlando - February 23
Tampa - February 28
Tallahassee - March 3
Miami - March 14

9:00 am until 4:15 pm. - Cost: $245
Second Wordshop (2 day):
Using Census Data in GIS Mapping (using ArcView 9)
Orlando - February 24 & 25
Tampa - March 1 & 2
Miami - March 15 & 16

Time: 9:00 until 4:15 - Cost: $490

Cost includes all materials and access to a PC on the Internet during class. Class size is limited ~ the majority of our workshops sell out ~ please register early.

All Workshop participants will receive:
  • A workbook on creating a compelling, detailed demographic analysis of your community/target population
  • Sample data and maps for several Florida Counties showing detailed demographic trends
  • Sample GIS maps for Florida Counties and a free GIS map browser, ESRI ArcExplorer ? GIS participants also receive a 60 day evaluation copy of ArcView

On-line registration is available at or you can register via e-mail sent to - please include your name, organization, telephone number and preferred class date. You can also register by phone at 800 707-2256.

Workshop Descriptions

1. Demographic Analysis Using the 2000 Census

The one day Census Workshop will teach participants to perform in-depth demographic studies using the recently released 2000 U.S. Census. Participants will learn what information is available on the 2000 Census and how to easily extract the specific data they need. Each student will learn how to present detailed demographic data in compelling new ways.

State and Federal grants increasingly require in-depth demographic study of the population you serve - this hands-on workshop will teach you how to succeed.

A highlight of the workshop is when each student learns to create custom thematic maps showing detailed variations of the demographics within their community. Thematic maps allow students to map their community and "shade" the map to show which neighborhoods have the highest concentrations of numerous demographic variables such as poverty, income, race, age, ancestry, educational attainment, disabilities, etc.

The teaching philosophy of the workshop is very much "hands-on" - during the workshop, each student has access to their own PC on the internet and will learn to create a compelling demographic profile of the Florida community of their choice.

2. Using Census Data in GIS Mapping (Using ArcView 9.0)

The two day GIS workshop focuses on using Census Data and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in concert. This workshop is specifically designed for those involved in community planning, program design, proposal writing, needs assessments and fundraising.

The class gives you the step by step instructions to map data from your internal databases (Access Database or Excel spreadsheet) and then "layer" or shade the map to show detailed Census data.

In other words, the workshop will teach you how to create compelling maps by bringing together:
  • Detailed Census Data - thus "shading" the map for race, poverty, income, education, housing, etc. - and -
  • Internal Database Data - thus creating Points of Interest or "dots" on the map representing specific addresses or locations. Each "dot" can represent a client receiving specific services, a certain type of building, the addresses of donors, etc.
GIS Class Prerequisites - To take the Using Census Data in GIS Mapping workshop we strongly suggest that you first take the "Demographic Analysis Using the 2000 Census" Workshop. You also need intermediate computer skills and a basic understanding of databases or spreadsheets.

During the GIS workshop you will use a copy of ArcView owned by Calm River Demographics. If you do not currently have GIS software, a 60 day evaluation copy of ArcView can be provided to you at no cost after the workshop. Please note: The Census Workshop does NOT require any Software purchase.

Workshop Locations
8529 Southpark Circle Suite 150
Orlando, Florida 32819

1715 N. Westshore Blvd. Suite 120
Tampa, Florida 33607

444 Appleyard Dr.
Tallahassee,FL 32304

5201 Blue Lagoon Drive
9th Floor
Miami, Florida 33126
Payments: Payments are accepted via check, credit card or P.O. but must be received no later than one week prior to class. Payment via purchase order can be received after the workshop is taught with prior approval. To pay by credit card please call us at 800 707-2256.

Payments can be sent to:
Calm River Demographics
15814 Champion Forest Dr. Suite 105
Spring, TX 77379
Contact: Calm River Demographics is a demographics, technology and research company located in Houston, Texas. Since 2002, Calm River Demographics has taught Demographic analysis workshops to over 4,000 individuals in 35 states.

For more information on the services we offer please see our web page at - If you have any questions concerning the workshop or the registration process, please call us at 800 707-2256 (800 707-Calm)

References available upon request - detailed student comments and a list of past participants are available on our web site -

Calm River Demographics - 17907 Kuykendahl, Suite 302A - Spring, TX 77379