:: January 19, 2005  

Governor Proposes Full Funding for Housing in FY05-06 Budget, with 65% of Funds Targeted to Hurricane Relief

Governor Proposes Full Funding for Housing in FY05-06 Budget, with 65% of Funds Targeted to Hurricane Relief

The Governor released his proposed budget for FY05-06 yesterday and proposed spending $547,292,623 for housing, and another $2.9 million from the state housing trust fund for disaster recovery assistance grants. This appropriation level ($550,192,623) equates to "full funding", which is the total amount of funds currently in or projected to be distributed into the Housing Trust Funds through FY05-06. $357.3 million of this funding (65%) is for hurricane relief.  The very important point is that all of these appropriations are directly from the housing trust funds for housing or related purposes and the Governor is to be applauded for this and for proposing full funding.

The funding for SHIP and SAIL, not targeted for hurricane relief, remains stagnant at the $192.9 million level. This may perpetuate the notion that $192.9 million is an adequate amount for funding for housing on an ongoing basis. Of course, we know that even without escalating land and construction costs (which have been at record highs) funding at the same rate each year leaves us able to serve fewer and fewer families each year. 

Specific Budget Line Items in Governor's Proposal:

Hurricane Recovery, from Local Government Housing Trust Fund        $248,800,800
Hurricane Recovery, from State Housing Trust Fund                          $105,600,000
Hurricane Recovery Grants in DCA Budget                                       $    2,900,000
SHIP                                                                                             $130,886,000 
SAIL and other state programs, including Catalyst, HAP,                   $  55,906,623 
Guarantee Fund, HOME match, and PLP  
SHIP Monitoring                                                                              $      200,000 
Homeless Programs                                                                        $   5,900,000

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