Miami Beach CDC - Hampton Court

Project Preview Reception
the historic Hampton Court Apartments

Miami Beach Community Development Corporation together with the City of Miami Beach and Miami-Dade County invites your participation in the Rehabilita­tion of Hampton Court Apartments (a/k/a Villa Maria).

The property is located in the Collins Waterfront Historic District, diagonally across from the site of the Pancoast Hotel and just 4 blocks from the site of the old Roney Plaza – a block off of Miami Beach Drive, the famous beachfront boardwalk promenade where guests in the twenties strolled or rode in comfortable wheel chairs from the hotels and apartments to the restaurants, clubs and entertainment along the beach.  The Hampton Court Apartments and the Pancoast Hotel were both built in the same year and both designed by Martin L. Hampton, a prominent local architect who designed the Congress Hotel in Miami, the Granada Apartments and Coral Gables Inn in Coral Gables, and the Beaux Arts Building, Maisonette Apartments and Everglades Club in Palm Beach.

Together we have the opportunity to preserve a historic property in remem­brance of the 1920’s origins of Miami Beach as a seaside resort and at the same time preserve and rehabilitate affordable housing for the elderly.