Miami Beach Community Develoment Corporation
Job Opening

September 8, 2006

Miami Beach CDC
seeks AmeriCorps Community Development Program Assistant

Submit Letter of Interest and Resume to Denis Russ  by fax 305-538-2863 or e-mail

This is an entry level position within a seasoned community development corporation.  The position will be supervised by experienced staff of the organization and will have considerable formal and informal training benefits. 

The Community Development Program Assistant will be supervised by and provide support to the Community Development Director in functions that include information and outreach, special neighborhood initiatives, The Seymour and capacity building.

The position will support and stimulate neighborhood revitalization and nurture community responsibility in a comprehensive community development program that includes such activities as:

Support the agenda for the Flamingo Park Neighborhood Association - Flamingo Park Improvements, Quality of Life Enhancements, Mobility and Circulation, and Planning and Zoning.

Support the Agenda of the Alliance for Reliable Transit - achieving mass transit linkage, advancing neighborhood-based transportation planning, and improving pedestrian amenities and transportation alternatives in South Beach.

Support development of The Seymour as a neighborhood community center and regional resource for comprehensive community development.

Develop and implement a communications program including contact records, meetings and written / electronic communications.

The AmeriCorps Community Development Program Assistant will receive a living allowance / stipend in the amount of $18,000 for the year.  In addition the Corporation for National Service will provide a scholarship of $4,725 to all full-time members who successfully complete the term of service - that is one full year working a minimum of 1,700 hours.  This scholarship is used to pay for higher education expenses / training or to repay student loans. 

Miami Beach CDC is an equal opportunity employer.