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Author and Community Developer Dr. Robert Lupton to

Present Unique Workshop in Miami

Beyond Charity - Moving from Betterment to Genuine Empowerment - Dr. Robert Lupton  


The Family & Children Faith Coalition invites you to join us for the

Christian Community Development Association (CCDA) Institute in Miami 


Dates: February 8 (Thursday)

Time: 9 am - 3:00pm   

Where: Family & Children Faith Coalition 5911 W. Flagler St (W. Flagler Park Baptist) 

CCDA Institute Class Description

Class #1  Thursday February 8        9am - 4:00pm     Registration begins at 8:30

Beyond Charity - Moving Your Ministry from Betterment to Genuine Empowerment

Instructor: Dr. Robert Lupton,   President of FCS Urban Ministries     


Give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, teach them how to fish and they will eat for a lifetime; if they have the skills to access or own the pond.  A commitment to empowerment moves us to create an atmosphere where men, women, and young people in under-served communities can grow to become contributing members of society.   Instead of giving people hand outs and focusing on trying to make people‚€™s lives ‚€˜better‚€™, empowerment focuses on creating opportunities for the poor to break out of poverty and dependence, so that they can provide for their own needs and the needs of their families.  In this workshop, we will explore proven strategies that can help your ministry do a more effective job of empowering others.

Key Objectives:

  • To understand the difference between betterment activities and empowerment activities
  • To assess the effectiveness of our ministry efforts related to empowerment
  • To move from simply empowering individuals to developing strategies for empowering entire communities 

Cost: $ 35  - includes all materials and lunch  

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