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Armando Fana, HUD Miami Field Office Director


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Requirements For Designating Housing Projects

If you are interested in expressing your opinion on the Requirements for Designating Housing Projects, the deadline is August 20, 2007. Read the notice










Avoid Foreclosure!


Save the Date:


September 20 & 21


HUD’s Miami Field Office and local partners will host a FREE workshop for Faith- and Community-based organizations to assist in avoiding foreclosure and predatory lending


Miami Dade College, Downtown Miami,

September 20 & 21, 2007


For additional information contact :




Single Family FHA Education Session


Learn the most recent information on FHA programs and procedures. A series of topics were developed for lenders, realtors, appraisers and other mortgage professionals.


Tampa, Florida

 August 6 and 7, 2007



This training is free but you must register by August 2, 2007



Miami Field Office

HUD Highlights

A Quarterly Newsletter About HUD in South Florida


Hurricane Season Is Here!

The Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Miami Field Office recently participated in an exercise with State and local officials that included a worst case hurricane scenario:  Hurricane Ono is a Category 5 (155 winds) large hurricane that cuts across 10 counties and produces 22 inches of rain in the region.  Winds and storm surge damage or destroy 1,005,526 structures in the most impacted areas. An event as large as hurricane ONO will require assistance from local, state and federal government agencies, however the first 72 hours of relief can ONLY be provided by your agency.  No one is going to be able to assist in the first 72 hours or possibly longer.

What can you do now to prepare (if you have not already done so) for this hurricane season?  Start with visiting some or all of these websites for plans, guidance and speakers who are willing to visit your non-profit, management company, housing authority or other form of business to talk about hurricane preparedness.   It is highly recommended that any organization have a Continuity of Operations (COOP) plan in place.  There are several free resources that you can access to help your organization create a COOP plan.  Once your COOP is created you must test it by conducting exercises and mock scenarios at least once per year.

How To Become A HUD Approved Housing Counseling Agency

Housing counseling is one of the best tools to help prepare future homeowners for the challenges of buying and maintaining a home. Given the current mortgage environment, housing counseling by HUD approved non-profit agencies is more important then ever. Here is what you need to do to become one.

Creating A Task Force

Your organization has been discussing Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing and is thinking of participating in a task force? Check HUD’s guide to creating one. It is a 16-page booklet created by our Office of Policy Development and Research. It will guide you from the origins of Not in my back yard to key points to keep in mind such as growth control, land, use, zoning, subdivision ordinances, etc. From reports to checklists it is all there, including good examples from several communities.

FHA National Appraiser Exam, Updated

The FHA national appraiser exam has been streamlined from a 50-question multiple choice exam to a 10-question, essay type, open-book test which is part of the appraiser application. The new exam is on page three of the revised application (form HUD-92563), available online at Take a look at the new form: FHA appraisers form

Is Your Local Housing Authority Having A Review?

Some mistakes happen over and over again. Check here to view what are the common audit findings when HUD reviews Public Housing Authorities, from reimbursement of ineligible activities to lack of internal controls. Hopefully this will help you avoid these common mistakes.

Impact Fees And Housing Affordability

HUD's Office of Policy Development & Research published the document Impact Fees and Housing Affordability: a Guidebook for Practitioners, an analysis of the status of impact fees as they relate to housing affordability.  The Guidebook reviews the history of impact fees, discusses a range of infrastructure financing options, summarizes the roles played by states that have passed enabling legislation, and recommends methods for calculating the fees that will have the least adverse effects on housing affordability. Decision guides and case studies of local impact fee programs are included.

Affordable Yes But, What About Good Design?

Affordable Housing Design Advisor is a new website developed to help anyone involved in the production of affordable housing achieve higher design quality. If you're part of the solution to America 's critical affordable housing challenge, this site is for you. The Affordable Housing Design Advisor brings together experience and ideas from successful affordable housing projects all over the country, and the people who developed, designed and built them.

The Affordable Housing Design Advisor was completed under contract to the Office of Policy Development and Research of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and it is currently managed by the Center for Architecture and Building Science Research at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Take a look at it; you will bookmark it as one of your favorite reference sources.