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Florida Legislature 2008 Regular Session

summary of the accomplishments (and shortcomings)
(from Florida Housing Coalition)

The Legislature ended its 2008 session on Friday, May 2, with less than adequate results for affordable housing. In summary 
  • Fiscal Year 2008-2009 appropriations for housing were $303 million, down $87.8 million (22.5%) from this year's funding level, and down $130 million (30%) from FY 06-07 funding.
  • $250 million was swept from the housing trust funds and moved to general revenue (not spent on housing). This $250 million was deposited in the housing trust funds from doc stamp revenues dedicated to affordable housing, and was available because the legislature had not appropriated the funds for housing when collected.
  • Another $87.6 million will be swept (during FY 08-09) to general revenue from housing due to the $243 million cap on distribution of doc stamps to the housing trust funds. $96 million is being swept due to the cap this year.
  • Therefore, the two year sweep of funds that were dedicated to affordable housing by the Sadowski Act to other items totals $433.6 million ($250 million + $87million+ $96 million= $433.6 million)
  • No Substantive housing legislation passed, including the ad valorem CLT language.  This is because all the housing issues were combined into an omnibus bill (HB 699), which was taken up by the Senate in SB 482.  After the Senate passed SB 482, the House amended the bill with growth management issues which the Senate failed to take up with just hours prior to the end of session.  Therefore, identical housing bills failed to pass both houses, causing the legislation to fail.
  • Legislation to repeal the cap was introduced in both the House and Senate, but was not given even one hearing.