2008 Grant Writing Certification Conference

Hyatt Hotel (Miami International Airport)

October 20, 21, & 22, 2008 * Cost: $400.00

Whether you are a beginning grant writer who’s just getting started or a seasoned pro ready to move to your next level of performance, the FIU Metropolitan Center can help you get there.

The FIU Metropolitan Center  program in Grant writing for the Spring Calendar. This three day certificate program to become a grant specialist will touch upon developing a proposal concept, research and development, administering grants once received, programmatic marketing skills, hints on how to lobby state and federal legislative officers, establishing collaborative research partnerships and the use of the latest technology in grants writing and administration.in conjunction with several community partners is introducing a new certificate

This program teaches the participant the basic techniques of researching private foundations as well as the proper way of contacting the given source. They then see if the foundation matches up with the needs of the non-profit organization.

If you need to locate and respond to competitive Requests for Proposals (RFPs), this workshop may be for you. Designed for those with little or no grant experience, the Grant Seeking Workshop will cover the following topics:

Learning How to Find Grants that Meet Your Agency Needs; Getting the Inside Edge; Creating Winning Strategies; and the Nuts and Bolts of Proposal Writing. 

Class Learning Objectives

Five ”free” sources and five fee-based services to support their grant search;

Five ways to get an inside edge when preparing a proposal;

Ten most common mistakes found in grant proposals;

Five strategies for creating winning proposals; and

Twenty important nuts and bolts of a proposal.

Certified Grants Specialist

Participants to the training can become a Certified Grants Specialist through the FIU Metropolitan Center three-day detailed training presents an in-depth explanation of the grant development process from start to finish.

The workshop format will feature both lecture sessions and group activities throughout the week long training. Participants will attend several group sessions enabling them to meet and interact with others who have similar interests and needs. Specifically, class participants will assemble to identify potential grant-writing partners and grant reviewers from their state and local area and to discuss relevant grant issues and strategies with other professionals from similar disciplines (such as education, mental health, social service, health care, law enforcement, etc.)

Upon completion of this three-day workshop, participants will be required to successfully complete a test in order to authorize certification. This seminar addresses both practical and conceptual aspects that are important to the proposal-writing process. Emphasis is given to idea development, identification of the appropriate granting agency, how to write for reviewers, and tips and strategies of proven value in presenting an applicant’s case to reviewers.

Topics will include operational and capital campaign strategies, overview of planned giving structures, review of available funding sources and the preparation of a grant proposal.


 “Excellence and Ethics in Management” 

COURSE SCHEDULE - Academy XXI   [Sessions are from 8 amto 12 noon]  

1.  Creating and Sustaining a Supportive Environment and Leadership Skills   
Oct. 3 and 4   Ralph Lewis, Merrett Stierheim and Paul Philip  

2.  Strategic Planning and Implementation  
Oct. 17 and 18  Ralph Lewis, Ellen Liston, Donna Ginn, Roger Carlton, Randy Witt, Howard Piper and  Frank Nero [Panel discussion on Friday.]  

3.  Benchmarking Best Practices and Process Analysis
Oct. 24 and 25      Christine Heflin and Bill Busutil

4.  Performance Measurement and Contracting for Performance
Oct. 31 and Nov. 1    Charles Bens and John Flint

5.  Using Performance Results 
Nov. 14 and 15    Ralph Lewis and Charles Bens

6.  Performance Based Budgeting
Nov. 21  and  22       Michael Levinson and Ellen Liston  

CONTACT PERSON:  Judith Cannon, Academy Manager, 305.255.8100  

 LOCATION:  Florida International University/North Campus

 Wolfe  University  Center, Room 155,

N.E. 151st Street & Biscayne Blvd. 


Name: _________________________________________________________________

Organization & Job Title: _________________________________________________  

Address: _______________________________________________________________  

E-Mail: _______________________________________________________________  

Telephone #: _________________________Facsimile #: ________________________  

FEE PER PARTICIPANT:  $600 entitles participant to 48 hours of training through the six modules that comprise the Academy for Strategic Management.   Payment:  directly to Florida  International  University


MAIL: to the Metropolitan  Centerat FIU, 150 S.E.

Second Avenue, Suite500,  Miami, Florida   33131. 

Please attach registration/invoice to payment. Immediately send, via facsimile, a copy of the registration/invoice to:  305.255.8106 and Judy will reserve your space in class.  Thank you!  Questions?  Call Judy at:  305.255.8100.





“Professionalism in Administration”

January 13, 14 and 15, 2009

from 8:30am - 12:30pm

Cost: $330.00

Location: FIU, Biscayne Bay Campus

3000 NE 151st Street, Room WUC 155



This program is a fast-paced interactive course, which explores techniques to achieve professionalism in administrative support staff. The course will cover topics that will help the participants improve their daily work skills, interpersonal skills, and task skills to increase performance and improve productivity while enhancing their self-esteem.


Session One
Dealing with Change in the Work Environment


Session Two
Developing Your Self-Esteem


Session Three
Improving Communication Skills


Session Four
Business Telephone Etiquette


Session Five
Decision Making and Problem Solving


Session Six
Time Management and Organizing Your Work



Who Should Attend

Administrative support staffs who want to focus on their relationship to their role, their responsibilities and their challenges.




“How to Win and Keep Customers”

November 4, 5, and 6, 2008

from 8:30am - 12:30pm

Cost: $280.00

Location: FIU, Biscayne Bay Campus

3000 NE 151st Street, Room WUC 155


Identify clearly the essentials of delivering good customer service. Certificates of completion offered to all
those completing all three sessions. Upon completion you will receive a certificate when all three days of the program is completed.

By the end of the program, you will be able to:

Identify the internal and external customer

Begin a service interaction that demonstrates eagerness to serve

Demonstrate that they value both the internal and external customers

Be able to recognize and avoid “emotional leakage”

Demonstrate good listening skills and customer focused communication skills

Handle effectively different customers, such as a friendly person, the angry person, and the threatening person

Solve customer problems more effectively

Identify your part in the service chain and its importance to them, their department, and the organization

Understand how your position or job function impacts customer satisfaction

Identify specifi c customer needs that they and the organization fill

Work with different personality types

Take responsibility for your own success

Increase their awareness of the causes of anger and hostility

Learn the skills that can transform a confrontation into a positive resolution

Demonstrate effective telephone techniques and manners in a business situation


Who Should Attend

Staff members who provides a service or product to external or internal customers.


The workshop presenter is Gay Lynn Williamson Grigas. Ms. Williamson-Grigas has a diversified portfolio of training programs that make her an excellent addition as a facilitator to any training program. Participants find her classes stimulating, entertaining, and engaging and have asked if she could teach other courses in our training program. Her training programs are well organized, well planned, researched and delivered in a very professional manner.


Tuesday and Wednesday, October 28 & 29, 2008 from 9:00am - 4:00pm

Location: FIU, Biscayne Bay Campus, 3000 NE 151st Street, Room: WUC 155

Cost: $250.00

This two-day program is designed to inform public sector administrators and staff about records management and maintenance under the laws of Florida and about new technologies and management systems in the field of records management. The program is composed of four (4) three-hour modules:

The program is composed of four (4) three-hour modules:

Module I

Focuses on the basics of records management and maintenance, including public records law in Florida, privacy vs. right-to-know, and records retention and deduction.

Module II

Addresses file management and design, and include an historical look at file management, equipment and supplies, information storage, and retrieval systems.

Module III

Covers imaging and focuses on the legalities and standards related to Microfilm and optical digitizing, computer retrieval systems, and cost analyses.

Module IV

Addresses disaster preparedness/recovery system and contemporary records management issues including off-site storage, facilities management, and vital records. A one-hour question and answer and session will be included at the end of Module IV.


The instructor for this program is Mr. Steve M. Lewis, Vice President-Government Sector, at Florida Data Bank, Incorporation. Mr. Lewis has over 21 years of experience-managing Florida’s public records, including 14 years with the Secretary of State in the Records Management Program. He has logged over 1,000 hours in public speaking and training related to the issue of public records management in Florida.


Cancellations are permitted without penalty 5 or more business days prior to the start of your scheduled training course. Participants who cancel their enrollment less than 5 business days prior to the start date will be charged $100.00 of the course fee.

Class Cancellations:

Classes are subject to cancellation. If you are registered in a course that is cancelled, you will be notified with an offer to reschedule or receive a refund. Individuals who fail to show for a class in which they are enrolled will be charged a $50 no-show fee.














Nothing can stop the
man with the right
mental attitude from
achieving his goal;

~Thomas Jefferson



Name: ____________________________

Title: _____________________________

Organization: _______________________

Address: ___________________________


Phone: ____________ Fax: __________

Email: _____________________________

Please circle program(s) of choice.

Academy for Strategic Management Program $600.00

Grant Writing Certification Conference $400.00

Customer Service Certification Program $280.00

Records Management Certification Program $250.00

Administrative Professional Certification Program $330.00










Total: $ ________

Please make checks payable to:
Florida International University

Mail to:
FIU Metropolitan Center
150 SE 2nd Avenue, Suite 500
Miami, FL 33131

All payments should be received prior to start date of program.



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