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Upcoming Events
  • April 6: 1:30 to 2:30 pm, Webinar on Green Building Criteria for Affordable housing rehabs in the City.
  • April 8: 8 to 5 pm, Gateway to Green, Miami’s first Green Vendor Fair at Jungle Island:  Cost $35.
  • April 16:  2 to 4 pm, Pre-RFP meeting for developers- City of Miami City Hall Chambers.

Here is more Detailed information: 

April 6:  Webinar-via your computer and phone:

Enterprise Community Partners (ECP) will be hosting this webinar.  Via Legislation, The City of Miami has entered into a Cooperation Agreement with  ECP to encourage the development and construction of “Green Affordable Housing.”  The upcoming NSP-RFP will be the City’s first program which will incorporate a green component. The City’s plan is called the “Miami Green Communities” initiative.   To those interested Developers who will be applying for NSP monies in the upcoming RFP, this webinar will explain how to fill out a checklist of proposed green building components.  This webinar will give you information on how to fill out the checklist for the City’s Department of Community Development.   This checklist results will then be used in the upcoming RFP.  Your input will be critical to the shaping of our RFP green requirements.  Attached is the City’s Resolution on this initiative.  You will receive a separate email with the checklist, and an invitation to the webinar by Friday, April 3rd.

April 8: Gateway to Green: Green Vendor Fair and Seminars:

Please visit this link for info and registration on this City Sponsored event.  Cost is $35. 

April 16: Pre-RFP Developers’ meeting at City Hall:

This 2 hour meeting’s purpose is to disseminate information about the upcoming NSP-Strategies B and E – Request for Proposals (RFP).  You will learn about the proposed basic structure of the RFP, the Areas of Greatest Need, and to answer questions about the upcoming RFP.  This forum will give developers the opportunity to share suggestions and ive input into the final RFP structure.  A separate email invite will be sent to RSVP for this meeting.

The RFP will have a green component requirement.  To better assess what are reasonable green requirements, the Department of Community Development is requesting that all attendees complete the Green components checklist, which will be sent to you by Friday, April 3rd.  Instructions on how to fill out the checklist will be included in the email.  Also, the April 6th optional Webinar will be available to you as another tool to assist you in filling out this checklist.  All April 16th attendees must complete the checklist before the April 16 meeting.    


Any questions, please call me.  Ann

Ann R. Kashmer
NSP Project Manager, Community Development

City of Miami
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Ph.  305-416.2097

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